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We weren’t at the party, so we didn’t get a hangover..

June 20th, 2011

Have You Been To Pittsburgh Lately? Pittsburgh has managed to miss the housing bust and home prices there have only continued to rise. Not known as a glamorous city , Pittsburg missed the crash because it never had a need that went passed the demand for what was available. Sometimes not being the most popular pays off in the end.

Check out the research TenantsDirect.com did on Pittsburgh for you. Read more, learn more.

Summer Home– Let us help!

June 16th, 2011

Finding the perfect summer housing situation can be tricky, especially because many people who are seeking alternative summer accommodations have a particular need or agenda. Some people seek this sort of temporary home because they want to experience life in a particular locale, such as near the ocean or in a hip and trendy urban area. People in this situation may be less concerned about the living space because the actual accommodation may be secondary to the location.

If you are in a situation like this, you should determine whether you have any priorities when it comes to the dwelling itself. Do you need space for an entire family or would a studio or small apartment meet your needs? Are you willing to pay more for a larger space or would you prefer to save on rent so you can splurge on restaurants and other attractions in your temporary community?

Conversely, the community may be relatively unimportant for people who plan to use the time to reach a particular goal. For example, an author who plans to use the summer to complete a manuscript may be open to a variety of locales provided the temporary home has office space and plenty of peace and quiet.

For some people, the locale is chosen by the circumstances; perhaps parents seek summer housing near their children and grandchildren or a family chooses a town because it offers a range of summer recreational opportunities. In cases like these, the temporary housing may need to be large enough to entertain guests or to meet other specific needs.

Regardless of the situation, it is important to remember that rents may be higher in vacation destinations. Do your research to determine what is considered reasonable in your chosen community. Also, use your negotiation skills; a landlord may be willing to offer a deal if you plan to stay for the entire summer, especially because your long-term tenancy will eliminate the need for weekly cleanings between tenants and other costs associated with tenant turnover.

In some cases, it is possible to secure rent-free accommodations. If you are willing to work, you may be able to house sit, pet sit, or work as a nanny in exchange for a place to stay. Home exchange may also be an option to find rent-free lodging; as the name implies, you stay in someone’s home and they stay in yours.

In all cases, it is important to find out the exact terms and conditions. For example, if you are paying rent, does it cover everything or are utilities separate? If you are in a condo or townhouse community, are you responsible for HOA fees? In addition, keep in mind that some situations may include necessities such as linens and pots and pans, while others may not. Make sure you are aware of the specifics ahead of time so you do not receive an unpleasant surprise upon your arrival.

Regardless of your circumstances or needs, do the necessary research to ensure that the housing option is legitimate and not a scam of some sort. Finally, if you will be traveling to an unfamiliar community, make it a point to learn about local laws and any other important information so your stay can be a safe and happy one.

Seeking off-campus housing? What to look for

June 13th, 2011

If your college student has had enough of dorm living and is seeking off-campus housing, it can be very helpful to have some idea of what to look for. Students should figure out what their priorities are and make a checklist; this is especially true when there are several properties under consideration. In situations like that, it is easy to confuse the details of one option with another.

For many students, this is a milestone of independence. They prefer to search for off-campus housing without a parent present and make the decision alone or with future roommates. However, it is important for students to remember that parents can be valuable allies in this search. Based on experience with searching for homes or dealing with household issues, parents may be able to more easily spot potential problems, such as leaky ceilings, windows that do not close, or doors that do not lock. Although some issues may be minor, others could turn into major problems, especially if they are not detected ahead of time.

There are many considerations when seeking off-campus housing; some will be individual to the student. The following are general considerations that could apply in all situations:

• Is the living environment secure? If it is a single-family home, does it have solid doors with durable locks, windows that close and lock properly, and safe egress in the event of a fire? If it is a multiple dwelling, is it a secure building? Does each unit have a solid door with a durable lock? How do residents exit in the event of a fire? Given how many students may have had keys in prior semesters, you may want to install new locks on the doors.
• Is the proximity to school appropriate? If the student will have a vehicle on campus, this may be less of a consideration; however, if the student will be walking to and from school, the walk should be reasonable for the student’s comfort level. If the student will have a vehicle, is parking available?
• Is the landlord available and responsive? An absentee landlord can be a major problem, especially when something is broken. Students may want to talk with current or past tenants to find out if the landlord is appropriately responsive.
• What are the landlord’s rules and regulations? A complete lack of regulations may mean that the noise level is allowed to reach unbearable levels; this can be a particular concern when students are trying to study. Make sure the student understands any rules and is willing to abide by them prior to choosing the space.
• What is the rent? Is it reasonable for the area? Are utilities included? Are there any hidden costs, such as a garbage fee?
• How soon before the semester begins can the student move in? Even if a space is perfect in every way, it can be a difficult logistical situation if students cannot move in until the first day of the semester.

Finally, be patient. It may take some hunting to find the perfect off-campus home.

Downsizing For A Smaller Space

June 9th, 2011

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some moves are necessitated by circumstances beyond our control. There may be various contributing factors: loss of a job, a divorce, death of a spouse, an empty nest, or another type of life change. Although a move to a smaller space can add even more stress, you can make the best of it if you have a plan.

If your situation is particularly emotional, you may want to consider asking a friend or family member to help with the sorting and packing, but it is important to choose wisely. If you ask someone who is very sentimental and emotional, you may become overwhelmed and find it too difficult to divest yourself of any items. However, if you go too far in the other direction and ask someone who is too impersonal, you may find yourself feeling resentful of the person’s lack of feeling. Ask someone who is sensitive and caring, as well as organized and efficient.

Sorting is a very useful strategy in a situation like this. Sort items into three categories: definitely keep, not sure, and definitely donate or sell. At the beginning, you may find yourself placing everything on the “definitely keep” list; if that is the case, you may need to take a step back and begin again. After you have found a few items to donate or sell, the idea of letting things go will get a little easier. If you are having a hard time finding anything to donate or sell, start with something easy, such as the vase you’ve never liked, or a pair of shoes that pinch your toes. Even the easy items count, so why not start with them?

It may also help to view the “donate or sell” pile as the “help someone make a fresh start” pile. That little table under your window could e a treasure for a single mom who scouts thrift shops to furnish an apartment for herself and her children. Similarly, if you send your old clothes to a homeless shelter, they could keep someone warm during the winter.

Sentimental items can be the most difficult to deal with. However, with a little creativity, you can find ways to preserve memories without cluttering your new space. If your parents’ china is too dear to you, why not save a few select pieces as mementoes rather than saving the entire set in boxes? You could use a platter to hold keys on your hall table and a cup and saucer for your morning coffee. This would allow you to save space and actually see and enjoy these items every day.

When it comes to sentimental items, you should also think function and storage. An old, treasured armoire could be used as an entertainment center. A lovely dresser could serve as a dining room buffet. Repurposing items like these can be an excellent way to preserve memories while adding beauty and functionality to your new home.

Even if your move is the result of a life change you did not choose, you have the opportunity to make it as positive as you can. Bring the good memories with you and look at your new living space as a fresh start.

Part III- C’est la vie

June 6th, 2011

I found out that the mold wasn’t toxic but the landlords weren’t willing to make all the necessary repairs in a time that worked for me. I had a big family event approaching that was stressful enough and didn’t need the headache of a broken roof and a kitchen that was in shambles, so I decided to go. Within 48 hours I had movers set up, my bags packed and the squirrels and I had our last sunset cocktail together as I wistfully said goodbye to the house.

Thankfully my landlord understood the severity of the repairs and didn’t think twice about letting me out of my lease or refunding my security deposit. Here are a few tips when renting a new place to save you from what I had to go through:

1) If the home is older than 2000 ask for a list of repairs that have been done in the past 10-15 years
2) Go with your gut- If you see something wrong before you move in… the problem may not be that easy to fix
3) Don’t get blindsided by a deal. Yes, we all want the biggest bag for our buck but there might be a reason that your landlord is willing to lower the price.
4) Get to know your neighbors. Ask them questions about the unit or home that you’re renting and who lived there before you.
5) Google Me. Look up the address online. You never know what you may see.
6) Visit Tenants Direct.com for continued relocation tips and advice!

Happy Moving and Dream Home Finding to You All!

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